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He came to me
The sky in his chest
After a long rain,
Not ready to be an apology.
I knew when my heart began swimming frantic laps within my stomach that he would no longer burn the lavender incense or tuck my swollen eyes into bed.
He knew when the grey doors closed that there would be no espresso and I would not be letting him back in.

But this goodbye felt like a blade on skin just learning how to breathe.

For this reason, I didn’t wish away our cracked past or our crooked fingers.
He was always looking at the time on the clock while I was dancing.
I had a heart the size of Arizona but not nearly so arid.
He looked at me like maybe I was magic.
We had our problems, a bridge between our houses that had been torn down.
But on the days which my hands were bleeding and I could not create a thing, I knew that ours was a love not to be taken for granted, a flame worth reigniting despite the smoke. 
So here I stand:
Heart like a four-poster bed.
Heart like a canvas.
Heart leaking something so strong they can smell it in the street.
I drew the world a map, and here is the start:
Volume One.



Each cassette includes a unique digital download code.

Track listing: Cold/Enough/Lover, Please

​​​​​​​Released under Ramber Records

Volume One cassette