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Combining hyper-metaphorical lyrics, minimal downtempo beats, and haunting vocals touching on the darkness of heartache, Amorie is an electronic pop enigma.  Blending inspiration from Lorde, James Blake, and Son Lux amongst others, her sound is a mix of several backgrounds. Growing up in St. Louis, USA, she began writing and performing in her early teens, inspiring a move to Liverpool, UK at eighteen to hone in on her artistry at Paul McCartney’s famed Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Following graduation from the university, Amorie turned to London and teamed up with Chicago poet Abbie Nielsen and Toronto producer Patrick Perez to create Volume One, a three-track left-of-centre narrative through the final days of a rocky relationship.  With single Cold championed by BBC Radio 6, a feature on Norwegian producer RAYS’s Someone Just Like You soaring past 70,000 streams,  and frequent live performances including Liverpool International Music Festival, Volume One was just the start.

Alarm The Sun is the first collaboration between 1G3 and Amorie.  Initially training as a drummer while growing up in France, 1G3’s production is minimal in nature allowing the complexity of unconventional percussive elements to drive the song forward into sweeping builds.  Amorie delivers a desperate plea in smoky-toned vocals: the song opens with a flowery visuals narrating the singer’s vain attempts to provide comfort to a lover caught in the storm of depression.  The pair first debuted the song live show at The O2 Academy Islington in London.